Acorn Leonbergers

Acorn Kennel is owned and operated by Julie Hatlas-Pepper. Julie discovered Leonbergers in 1995. Before Leonbergers, she bred and owned English Cocker Spaniels for several years. Julie is extremely active in all of her endeavors related to the betterment of the Leonberger breed.

Dog Club Memberships:
Leonberger Club of America
United Leonberger Association - Vice President
Heart of Michigan English Cocker Club - Membership Chairman

Other Credentials:
American Kennel Club - Open Show Judge
United Kennel Club - Conformation & Jr. Handling Judge

Acorn's mission is to breed the healthiest and best tempered Leonbergers that we can - as true to type as possible.

Acorn Kennel, 8300 Wiggins, Howell, MI 48855, Tel: 810-772-9268, Email:

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